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Dude, what an absolute trip of a game. Love the weird dialogue and the art style... I just gotta know what's using this sewer


The asset is named dream sewage, not dream sewer. *OCD FLARES*

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i love the thing the description does (although I can't put it to words properly - "avoids breaking kayfabe" is the best I can come up with), but I genuinely have no idea what kind of game it is outside "the kind where the description is Like That."

What do you... do in this game? Aside from control a "meat husk," I have nothing but speculation.  I'd assume it's some sort of RPG (of the "point-and-click style puzzles" or "press interact on everything to receive jokes and/or narrative" kind) but I couldn't tell you for sure because the description is unclear.

Now don't get me wrong, I love this weird sort of description, I just don't think it should sacrifice its purpose in service of weirdness like this.


I do. I think that sacrificing functionality or description in favor of just bein' weird! is a perfectly reasonable tradeoff.

Is there a way to change the screen resolution? I can't seem to maximize or resize the window at all..

Oh sorry, I believe currently you can only make it fullscreen with Alt + Enter

Ah! That actually helped! Even though it was windowed, the Maximize button was greyed out. Indeed, the Alt+Enter works, and I can play it fullscreen now. Thank you!

This was recommended to me a while ago and I've just got round to playing it. I have legitimately no idea what the hell was going on here but I do know that I loved every single second of it!!

This game was a very interesting experience.  The art and sound were both quite pretty in their own trippy, off the wall sort of way.  Those combined with the dialogue made the whole experience surreal as hell, and I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.  Also sludge and ooze, I'm a sucker for sludge and ooze.  10/10, would recommend seeping through these pipes to a friend.

If anyone is curious, I made a video of my playthrough, linked below, tho I recommend playing through the game blind first!

spooky! love the artwork

Creepy! The pink colour scheme is inspired: it gives everything an organic look, like the guts of some enormous sewage monster.

I'm glad the character with the comfy robes is happy with their life. Somebody has to be.

i would love to play this if there's ever a mac version (bc i love sewers)


Hey, I use a mac too, it's currently possible to play the game using a Windows emulator. I use a piece of software called 'Wine' to play it. Hope that helps :)


Definitely can't say I understand it but it was definitely a neat look at a sewer cult my play through of this game starts here at 4:03 : 


Thank you so much for delving into our surreal sewers! Absolutely loved the let's play and I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience!


Thank you for making it, it was definitely interesting!