I'm unable to lower the volume, erm, sorry.  If it does hurt your ears or generally make you uncomfortable, please let me know so I consider removing it.


  • Pick as many cards as you want.

Oh, non native english speaker. This one seems to have the english particularly more broken than the other ones. Too bad.


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wow I love this! I always love when people make their own tarot, they're always so fun. I think my favorite is the dagger <3


another person also told me the dagger is their favourite! apart from the beast, I believe it is the only one specifically mentioned

never considered doing a tarot, but now that you mentioned, it reminded me of this: 

hahaha wow yes this is also very good

[draws The Beast] mood

this is super cool!!! the music fits so well too!


I believe the beast illustrate best what was going on here: I had no idea what to do but just kept going, got to having to write something for the beast, nothing came, and then remembered bitsy has text effects, so NNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG

I like it! Especially the ending and the avatar really convincingly looks like a hand considering how little space you have to work with :)

I'm really glad and relieved the avatar is recognizable hahaha 

Surprisingly it has an ending, considering I had no idea what I was writing or doing