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ooh this is real nice and mysterious!


I'm so glad the minimal narrative seems to work, because it's a style that I admire, and also because I probably wouldn't be able to write a whole thing with introduction, development and such hahaha

That house cross section was sweet.  I enjoyed the writing quite a bit too.  Mysterious thoughts all typed in lower case felt like spooky whispers, especially with the music.  

Thanks! Being so short, the house plays a considerably important part in it hahaha I did choose lower case to give it that thought sensation, and it's interesting now to realize that it is a aesthetic decision that does work with the original intention

this was super cool, i love the avatar design!

Thanks! It's kinda a new avatar type for bitsy, I believe hahaha Hope to see it in another game eventually. It's funny how I couldn't make him walk cycle in a direction or something because it should be able to walk in both given the house disposition, so I made it flip, and it works with the wandering thing.

love the scene set-up! buff avatar lol

thanks, the scenery is definitely where most of the work gone hahaha and well observed, the avatar was actually from an action-oriented game I was considering some time ago, he had a gun and everything